365 Days of Yoga

Along with some other Twitter yogis, I’ve resolved to practice yoga every single day for a year.  I assumed I’d drop out around Day Four.  I’ve maintained daily practice for eight days straight, and haven’t felt better.  #365yoga.  It’s official.

Thus far, it’s been pretty asana-based.  Although I don’t get that “yoga high” every day, I know I’m refining my practice.  It’s taking on my identity; foundations from my teachers and the shapes, from me.  All the sudden, I’m paying attention to what my hands and feet are doing in poses.  I’m jumping back with energy and abandon.   Instead of powering up into Wheel, I find myself popping up there, lightly and with ease.  Yesterday, after my third Wheel, and while holding the last one the longest, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Something’s going on here.  Beyond increasing my muscle memory, I’m giving my mind a break.  Every day I look forward to the golden time lapse inbetween stepping on and rolling off my mat.  I get to leave behind my job, the traffic, all obligations, and the indignities of daily life.  Instead, I self-soothe:  I breathe deeply, open tight joints, and am surprised every time by what my body is capable of.  Not once has practice felt like drudgery, or a chore.  In fact, I’m reminded how much fun yoga is.

Eventually I’ll add in more meditation and study.  I’ve got a while to think (or not) about it.  For the first time in countless years, I’m actually looking forward to rest of the year ahead.


One Comment on “365 Days of Yoga”

  1. Nancy A says:

    I totally agree! my #365yoga involves a lot of asana but also a lot of the deeper/mental/spiritual practices of yoga which were lacking before I started. I feel like a changed person and it has only been eleven days! So glad we are all doing this journey together!!

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