Get High with Bjork


Granted, Bjork is not everyone’s cup of tea.  I’ve always loved her, but lately her music has become THE soundtrack to my yoga highs.  The lush video above (directed by the late, ultra-fab Alexander McQueen) for the song Alarm Call is a perfect example.

As I pursue my daily yoga practice, occasionally I’ll be rewarded with a yoga high.  As I’m rolling up my mat after Savasana, it’ll come over me.  After an hour and a half of deep, focused breathing and powerful muscular activity, my heart is beating steadily, calmly nourishing the rest of my body.  I feel strong, but also soft and flexible.  My organs and spine just received a natural massage.  I’m grateful for the work my body just did for me.  I struggle into my coat and hat, thank my teacher and walk to my car.  Honestly, I’m usually skipping and grinning like a mental patient.  I feel rapturous.  Better than the high from any drug, I earned the high I get from yoga.

When I get into my car, I allow a few minutes for the silence to settle.  Then I usually put on music appropriately calming like Nick Drake or Cat Stevens.  Lately though, it’s been Bjork and the more I listen to her, the more I realize how closely tied her lyrics are to my practice of yoga.  In Alarm Call, she sings about how living in the present (without worrying about the future) doesn’t scare her.  It’s her Enlightenment.  And mine too.

This is an alarm-call
So wake-up, wake-up now.
Today has never happened
And it doesn’t frighten me.
It doesn’t scare me at all.

I’m a fucking Buddhist.  This is Enlightenment.


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