Yoga for Japan?

The yoga community on twitter has been abuzz with dedications to Japan.  We’ve heard of teachers asking their classes to pray for Japan and direct appeals to dedicate each our own practices to Japan and the Japanese people.  It’s become too much for me.  Depending on how it’s presented, it borders on the bleeding heart and it feels a little insipid, and even gauche.  That’s why I was secretly dreading my class on Tuesday.

I adore Tom, but when he said that instead of savasana we’d sit in meditation, I was thrown.  Very unlike Tom.  Something must be up.  Please don’t ask me to give to the Red Cross.

We sat for five minutes in relative silence and it was delicious.  Tom quietly asked us to join him in Namaste Mudra.  He reminded us about the light in him which recognizes the light in each of us.  He asked us to place the suffering of ourselves and our neighbors into the crack between our palms.  Then he said, “And place the Japanese people in there too.  They need a lot of love right now.” 

That was it.  No ploy for donations.  He didn’t open class by asking us to keep Japan in our hearts.  No dedications.  Tom didn’t ask us to pray, but that’s what we ended up doing of our intention.  Maybe it was all the heart-opening backbends I’d just finished, but I damn near teared up.  That Tom.  What a subtle, clever, cool dude he is.


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