Many Things to Tell You

The following poems are from “Many Things to Tell You, Natural Poetry by People Living in Nursing Homes” compiled by Tom Heinzen.


That Corner is So Empty Now


You know I miss him a little:

That man who died.

It’s nice to have company talking to you.

Whatever he said doesn’t mean a thing:

I think he hated everybody by the end;

He knew he was going to die.

I miss his talking.

He was so disgusted with everything.

That corner is so empty now.


Make Believe

By Andreas Constantinou

(b. 1907; composed 1995)

Make believe

There’s something wonderful

In the other person.

I Try to Pass on Happiness

by Anna Schoeps

(b.1914; composed 1996)

I try to pass on happiness.

I had this beautiful scarf –

It had all different kinds of birds

All different colors

All around the border.

I knew someone would steal it

So I gave it away.


Sometimes I Wonder

by Elizabeth Sheridan

(b.1906; composed 1995)

Sometimes I wonder…

Am I really in charge of myself?

Don’t think about it too much.

It might not be such a good idea.


One Comment on “Many Things to Tell You”

  1. The images in this post are gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!!

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