Body Movin’

When Your Practice Gets Sexy

Just when I think I know my own practice it surprises me.  This weekend, I noticed an unexpected yoga on my mat.  A sexy yoga.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that yoga can be sexy.  It can be spiritual, athletic, even therapeutic.  It can be funny, serious, light, heavy, depending on your focus, your food, or your stress levels that day.  Your practice is ultimately your supreme teacher when you allow it to reveal its myriad qualities, facets, twists and turns on the journey – it reveals you.

Nevertheless, I was surprised to discover my own sexy practice.  A vigorous yoga practice has a lot in common with sex:  you’re sweaty, breathing heavy, and moving with fluidity in heightened awareness of the sensitivity of your body.  You’re effortlessly combining grace and strength.  Sometimes you don’t know which way is up – you’re weightless, like turning somersaults in water.  Not to mention some poses are positively sexy.

If this sounds too out there for you, consider this.  Regular physical exercise – ANY exercise – encourages a healthy libido.  If you have a daily (or consistent) yoga practice, don’t forget to take advantage of ALL the ways this is helping your body and have yourself a sexy practice.

The right music helps.  Here are my top ten sexy yoga albums.  Pick one and get your body movin.  Then get your body high.

Sexy Yoga Music – Top Ten Albums

Jeff Buckley, Grace

The hottest tragic hero ever.  He drowned in Memphis during a spontaneous night swim, wearing his boots and singing Led Zeppelin.  Later, his lyrics about being pulled down in undertow took on new meaning.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, I Learned the Hard Way

This is actually the album I was listening to when I discovered my own sexy practice.  Get on the Sooooul Train, people.

Cirque du Soleil, Alegria

There’s lots of Cirque albums (soundtracks to their shows), and like almost everything, the older ones are superior.  Alegria is one of the last great ones.  I pop it on during a fast vinyasa flow and imagine I’m high up on the trapeze.

Sade, any album works (I’m into her latest “Soldier of Love”)

The grande dame of sensual music.  She’ll take you there.

Nick Drake, Bryter Layter

Sweet, sad, seventies.  Great Sunday morning music.

Neko Case, The Virginian

If my husband hadn’t met and married me, he’d be going after Neko Case.  Dusky, dulcet tones over alt-country.  The modern Patsy Cline.

Portishead, Dummy

“It Could Be Sweet” is the sexiest song on this entire list.  It was my soundtrack during college.

Badly Drawn Boy, The Hour of the Bewilderbeast

Alternative, electronic, punk.  This album, all about highs and lows, has a dreamy narrative.  Give it time.

Maxwell, Blacksummer Night’s Dream

No surprise here.  (Maybe the surprise is that I went with Maxwell over D’Angelo.)  The horns on this album are sick.  “Pretty Wings” is delicate and soft.

Broken Bells, Broken Bells

Their first album, a collaboration between Danger Mouse and that dude from The Shins, is chill to the max.  Drowsy, a little intergalactic, and decidedly retro.  Take the trip.

Does your practice still surprise you?  Have your own go-to sexy yoga playlist?  Please share.


4 Comments on “Body Movin’”

  1. Emma says:

    Love the Neko and Nick Drake choices! If I could put together my ultimate sexy yoga playlist it would include:

    Fink “Distance and Time”
    Radiohead “Hail to the Thief”
    Explosions in the Sky “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”
    Bon Iver “For Emma, Forever Ago”
    Florence and the Machine “Lungs”
    Horse Feathers “House with No Home”
    Local Natives “Gorilla Manor”


  2. Oh yeah…yoga can be very sexy! Love your playlist and can’t wait to check out some of these artists I’ve never heard – thanks for the suggestions. I have a Cirque CD that I’ve never used for yoga – so I’ll be pulling that out today for a listen.

  3. […] setting out for a serious practice, I’ll put on music or work it out in silence.  Check out my Top Ten Sexy Yoga Tunes.  But if I’m just interested in fifteen minutes of quick sun salutations before dinner, I’ll […]

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